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Technical content

Fourteen’s staff are all scientifically trained, have written for both national newspapers and the trade press and are trusted to turn around timely content that is on message, newsworthy, analytical and, above all, readable as a client once put it: “It’s like a good book, difficult to put down.”

A few articles under our own name can be seen at:

Technical trade press (on autonomous vehicle technology, on advances in medical imaging)

National / business papers: (Guardian, Telegraph, Times, Venture Beat.)

Our work has helped put companies in the top slots of Google’s rankings. It has helped drive customer engagement and demonstrate credibility. And as the analytics show, it is read, it is shared, it is revisited.

We also work with a number of PR agencies, technology developers and B2B service providers to create technical articles, blogs and white papers on a wide range of subjects: from millimetre wave RF baseband for 5G and WiGig to data protection regulations, from the ethical consequences of government regulations to the international feasibility of solar vehicles and from IT / infotainment systems for aircraft to the fundamental principles of industrial vision system design.

At the heart of what we do is the ability to look at the bigger picture and compile data to put a unique angle on news or create easy-to-understand data visualisations that enhance the story.

Content isn’t created for the sake of content, it’s crafted to deliver your message, with a long-term content plan developed that takes your marketing road map, and the most common search queries relating to your sector into account.

It wouldn’t be right for us to publicly share our clients’ bylines. But if you’d like to see more, drop us a line and we’ll send a few examples of articles, white papers and blogs we’ve written for our clients – info@fourteencomms.com.