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Press relations

We have an impressive track record delivering coverage that drives search and web traffic; as well as sales for our clients – with particular expertise in clean-tech, electronics and IT (and also, randomly, cycling).

But a campaign is about more than a product launch, and we can help you bring out your stories that keep your-public’s awareness high.

We have created news, features and bylined-article coverage in a huge range of trade titles across a wide range of industries such as

  • deep tech (EE Times, Electronic Design, Markt & Technik)
  • clean tech (Business Green, The Ecologist)

But we also have considerable experience in developing ideas and strategies that lead to major national newspaper and TV coverage – not just in the UK, but around the world.

At the heart of this is the willingness to ask the most basic of questions to then convey why something meets the publication’s news agenda, and do it simply, quickly and concisely.

Here are two of our favourite recent examples – plus an old favourite:

Solar Team Great Britain

Solar Team great Britain is a small solar race car developer with expertise brought in from Bristol / Bath Uni as well as Qinetiq and Airbus. We worked with the team to help bring sponsors on board. Not only launching the campaign but developing ideas that would help keep the momentum going in the run up biennial World Solar Challenge race across Australia.

Its launch was covered in both trades and nationals with ongoing activity delivering regular coverage on both trade, TV and TV. Two of our favourite activities were an exclusive interview with the BBC, which led to a contact from a Hong Kong-based sponsorship executive from HSBC. And an analysis into the feasibility of solar cars in the UK and elsewhere.


The IoT Security Foundation

The IoT Security Foundation launched in 2015 as a collaboration of the biggest names in the internet of things – from Microsoft to BT and beyond. It seeks to identify threats, lower risks, and give consumers confidence their car won’t pilot itself or their baby monitor won’t be hacked – to name two risks that have been well reported.

The response to the launch – an exclusive BBC interview plus a follow up release to the IT press coinciding with the BBC coverage going live – was fantastic, with large spikes in web traffic and several new members signing up in its first days.


A Google Doodle

Prior to setting up the agency, our founder worked with an electronics specialist, one of the leading technical agencies in the UK. While there, the agency worked on a campaign with the NMI to promote the UK electronics scene, identifying the 50th anniversary of the microchip patent as a key opportunity the agency tracked down countless imagination-captivating companies and pitched. Coverage included the Telegraph, Wired, the BBC Today programme and (as our founder never shuts up about) a Google Doodle.