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PRCA says AVE has been ditched – Google suggests otherwise

Is the PRCA / PRWeek‘s 2017 survey on AVEs right – Google search data suggests its worrying results are still highly over optimistic.  According to survey: in the UK, almost 25% of in-house PR teams and roughly a third of agencies are still using AVE as a method of PR evaluation. AVE has been widely discredited as being outdated and inaccurate way of measuring PR – and in no way justifies the money being spent on PR and the return it gives.  Official sources say there are 83k people working in PR in the UK (226k in the US). So why are there […]

Evaluating PR in 2018 – without an AVE in sight

I’ve recently fallen in love with a data science book by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, Everybody Lies – really, buy a copy, or at least read his summary. Among the countless examples is that there are always better – often free – ways of measuring and evaluating something: from the effect of racism on the US elections (see base), people’s actual intimate desires (and how they’re afraid to tell anyone them), the actual liberal bias in US media / how it is purely owners giving readers what they want, or how, contrary to popular opinion, the best NBA players come from middle […]