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Thoughts on the future of electronics publishing

Sorry for the quick and dirty thoughts on this – I probably have less time than this topic deserves as am currently holed up and balancing working with home schooling and only just re-finding my feet. Anyway. Last week I had a call with Neil Tyler of New Electronics on (as well as a news pitch) the shift to home working and if the industry is slowing down. Naturally things turned to the last big recessions and what is likely to happen. And 12 years ago, just as the economy was collapsing around our ears, I was working for Publitek. […]

Were people ready for GDPR?

Last year I was fortunate enough to help get a GDPR-preparation consultancy (Data Compliance Doctors) off the ground and demonstrate their expertise in the field with technical content for their site – example 1, example 2, example 3. The deadline has now passed, so I thought I’d take a look at how prepared those were and highlight some of how we’ve approached the risks relating to legitimate interest, consent and what is, in effect, marketing to journalists. The UK’s preparation for GDPR For the┬áseveral agencies and in-house PR teams I work with, GDPR has been a big headache. Just what […]

Six rules for writing technical content

I originally wrote a series of rules for PR because I was about to have a work-experience placement with me, and had to be able to talk about something. When I eventually published this on an old blog it was one of the most successful posts. Here I take a look at my rules for content creation. 1) Write for someone who’s bored Have you ever read an article 3 times without any of it going in? Me too. Dull content simply doesn’t get read, and nobody is obliged to read what we write – with the possibly exception of […]