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Electronica 2020 cancelled – goes virtual

Adding to the woes of 2020, Electronica – the biggest electronics trade show in the world – has confirmed it will not be going ahead as usual this year. According to the show organisers (the Messe München), the event will be “a fully virtual event” this year due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, which reduced the size of the show. The show had initially planned to do a scaled down version, but over the weekend it announced this would be impossible in the current environment. Per EE News Europe, there are “likely to be implications for Semicon Europa and a MEMS […]

Our GDPR policy

I received an interesting marketing email yesterday. Interesting because I couldn’t remember signing up for it, it had no visible unsubscribe (including when you searched for unsubscribe, opt out and hovered over each bit of text to find a link) yet it said the company “fully compl[ied] with GDPR”. [Redacted] is registered in England with registration number [redacted] and registration office [Redacted]. [Redacted] may not be held responsible for the content of this email as it may reflect the personal view of the sender and not that of the company. Should you receive this email in error, please notify the sender immediately […]

5 rules in presenting PR data to clients

PR budgets are under ever greater scrutiny and it doesn’t matter if the budget is £2,000 or £20,000 per month, the return on investment must be justified. This isn’t a blog about AVE and it not being a reliable measure (it isn’t though). And it isn’t a blog about choosing objectives and metrics that can be used to measure them. Instead it’s a quick post that examines how to present the information so it’s quick to understand, even when you’re not presenting it. And it should be – either you’re going to be presenting it to your client’s CEO: who doesn’t […]