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B2B electronics publications closing due to covid

Really bad news from the German electronics publishing sector today, with AT-Fachverlag shutting two core magazines: Elektronik Informationen and Photonik. The last issues have been published and they will be no more. The email we received didn’t mention the website, but this hasn’t been updated since the 2nd of November, so until we hear otherwise we’re assuming it’s ending too. We have asked, but have not yet heard if its editorial, advertising and production staff, such as Sylvia Rathgeber will be redeployed or being made redundant. We hope the former and will update. According to Schoene Norbert, an advertising manager […]

Electronica 2020 cancelled – goes virtual

Adding to the woes of 2020, Electronica – the biggest electronics trade show in the world – has confirmed it will not be going ahead as usual this year. According to the show organisers (the Messe München), the event will be “a fully virtual event” this year due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, which reduced the size of the show. The show had initially planned to do a scaled down version, but over the weekend it announced this would be impossible in the current environment. Per EE News Europe, there are “likely to be implications for Semicon Europa and a MEMS […]

Thoughts on the future of electronics publishing

Sorry for the quick and dirty thoughts on this – I probably have less time than this topic deserves as am currently holed up and balancing working with home schooling and only just re-finding my feet. Anyway. Last week I had a call with Neil Tyler of New Electronics on (as well as a news pitch) the shift to home working and if the industry is slowing down. Naturally things turned to the last big recessions and what is likely to happen. And 12 years ago, just as the economy was collapsing around our ears, I was working for Publitek. […]

Our GDPR policy

I received an interesting marketing email yesterday. Interesting because I couldn’t remember signing up for it, it had no visible unsubscribe (including when you searched for unsubscribe, opt out and hovered over each bit of text to find a link) yet it said the company “fully compl[ied] with GDPR”. [Redacted] is registered in England with registration number [redacted] and registration office [Redacted]. [Redacted] may not be held responsible for the content of this email as it may reflect the personal view of the sender and not that of the company. Should you receive this email in error, please notify the sender immediately […]

5 rules in presenting PR data to clients

PR budgets are under ever greater scrutiny and it doesn’t matter if the budget is £2,000 or £20,000 per month, the return on investment must be justified. This isn’t a blog about AVE and it not being a reliable measure (it isn’t though). And it isn’t a blog about choosing objectives and metrics that can be used to measure them. Instead it’s a quick post that examines how to present the information so it’s quick to understand, even when you’re not presenting it. And it should be – either you’re going to be presenting it to your client’s CEO: who doesn’t […]

PR evaluation – 8 Excel formulas you need to know, and why they’ll come in vital

Ok, a list of Excel formulae is unlikely to grab you and make you desire to keep reading. But it should. I’ve seen the ability to play with data and prove an RoI (beyond the discredited AVE) win new business time and again. Excel capabilities isn’t seen as sexy (certainly not by most people I know at least) but it is essential in winning work, and even in creating stories for your clients. And yet as an industry we don’t play enough or code enough. While hardly scientific, a quick straw poll of friends shows several struggle and ignore data analysis […]

Were people ready for GDPR?

Last year I was fortunate enough to help get a GDPR-preparation consultancy (Data Compliance Doctors) off the ground and demonstrate their expertise in the field with technical content for their site – example 1, example 2, example 3. The deadline has now passed, so I thought I’d take a look at how prepared those were and highlight some of how we’ve approached the risks relating to legitimate interest, consent and what is, in effect, marketing to journalists. The UK’s preparation for GDPR For the several agencies and in-house PR teams I work with, GDPR has been a big headache. Just what […]

Why making show announcements is a terrible idea?

With Mobile World Congress (Barcelona) and Embedded World (Munich) coming up next week we’ve taken a quick and dirty analysis of the benefit or not of making announcements at a show. Argument one – you make announcements at shows so customers come and see you. Argument two – you make announcements at shows as the press are there and you can discuss it with them Argument three – you don’t make announcements at shows as everyone else is doing the same and you’ll be drowned out. I’ve always erred on the side of argument three. Now, most of my life […]

PRCA says AVE has been ditched – Google suggests otherwise

Is the PRCA / PRWeek‘s 2017 survey on AVEs right – Google search data suggests its worrying results are still highly over optimistic.  According to survey: in the UK, almost 25% of in-house PR teams and roughly a third of agencies are still using AVE as a method of PR evaluation. AVE has been widely discredited as being outdated and inaccurate way of measuring PR – and in no way justifies the money being spent on PR and the return it gives.  Official sources say there are 83k people working in PR in the UK (226k in the US). So why are there […]

Evaluating PR in 2018 – without an AVE in sight

I’ve recently fallen in love with a data science book by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, Everybody Lies – really, buy a copy, or at least read his summary. Among the countless examples is that there are always better – often free – ways of measuring and evaluating something: from the effect of racism on the US elections (see base), people’s actual intimate desires (and how they’re afraid to tell anyone them), the actual liberal bias in US media / how it is purely owners giving readers what they want, or how, contrary to popular opinion, the best NBA players come from middle […]